Request for Refund

  • General information

    Dalarna University will refund tuition fees when a student submits a written request for a refund, except in the circumstances outlined below. No interest is payable on refunded tuition fees. Application fees (paid to are non-refundable. Approved refunds are subjected to an administrative fee of 5000 SEK.The administrative fee is deducted from the tuition fee which was received from the payee.

    You are NOT eligible for a refund if:

    • you are found to have provided false or misleading information to Dalarna University.
    • you withdraw from a course/programme or apply for a leave of absence after the start of the semester.
    • you defer your admission to Dalarna University after paying your first installment. Any payments received will be credited towards the new commencing study period as defined by an approved request for deferral of studies.
    • you receive an academic suspension or expulsion as a disciplinary measure.
    • your status as a fee-paying student changes during a period of study (current semester) in which you are enrolled.
  • Refund procedure

    A request for a refund of tuition fees must be submitted in writing by the student wishing to be refunded. Please use the Request for Refund form.

    A decision on a refund request will be processed within 30 days from receipt of request for refund form. If refund is approved the refund will be sent back to the same bank account or credit card that was used to pay the tuition fee. Refund payments are made in Swedish kronor (SEK).

    Application Fees and Tuition Fees - Dalarna University (

    • A student who is unable to participate in the teaching due to special reasons may apply for the refund of all or part of the tuition fee. Cases that are based on specific reasons are decided by the Director of Student Affairs, Office of Student Services and Education Administration. In the event of an application for refund due to special reasons, the reasons must be proven by, e.g., a medical certificate or similar documentation.